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Description: What is Motherhood to Mediumship Membership?

It is hosted by MightyNetworks to access from your Computer Laptop, iPad, or Phone.

It is easy to use, private space to feel safe, and easy to post and share for support.

Motherhood to mediumship is a bereaved community for spiritual & intuitive mothers, who have been through the loss of a child/children in early pregnancy of miscarriage or later pregnancy loss with still birth or after childbirth with infancy loss of life from: hours, days, weeks, or months after being born.

The loss mama is a certain woman. Motherhood to Mediumship is NOT a typical grief community. This is for the Heart mama that is deeply healing and seen, a mama that is ready to build and create real connections with her child and get affirmed, and it is for the mama that is open for self discovery and soul communication. It is for the mama that is ready to be inside her own transformation into Divine self and psychic heart awareness.

Your call from motherhood into mediumship was not your earth minded choice, but this initiation between worlds of life and loss is your Truth. The experience of life and death does not have to be lonely, fearful, and with unwitnessed grief. The Otherlife/ Afterlife of spirit baby/babies is asking you to explore with it and welcome it because you need it. Your child/children that is an active light force of energy and presence and a real soulful person. You will be reminded of WHO you are and BECOMING. I promise you!

You will get Monthly support to keep you connected, developing, healing, and creating new heart awareness...

Resources with grief support, child of light soul communication, & psychic awareness teachings

Meditations & exercises that are Somatic based and vibrationally attuned

Mediumistic guidance with: symbolisms, signs, & Spirit Baby Oracle messages weekly

Book Resources- BOOK club Options/ LIVE events/ Special Guests

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