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Healing After Miscarriage- 4 WEEK Series - Private SESSION with Series DEAL*

FOR: This series is for women in conception after birth loss

WHEN: Friday's 4 weeks in JULY - 1, 8, 15, 22 - 12PM PST

ABOUT: Have you had a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages? Are you in conception or just entering pregnancy feeling worried? How can your spirit baby provide healing messages and intuitive answers? ‚Äč What do you need next to prepare and stay in your Heart with Trust and Faith into pregnancy?

What you will get...

* Learn to ask the deeper questions with yourself * Access your own spirit to gain a fuller understanding of your journey * Break away from old thoughts and ideas to shift into trust * Build inner clarity with your intuition, so you can open up with trust as your ally * Put fears at ease and check in with managing worries and anxieties * Allow new energy to restructure your thoughts * Ask the right questions with spirit baby/babies * Expanding your listenimng skills with your psychic sense in spirit baby communication.

YOU will get details after purchase for booking your session and email with any questions or issues at



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